It is based on a sonic journey with an Indian drum, which plays and reaches the peak of performances / sessions. You will experience a journey of visualisations and sensations through your entire system. Join the ride through sound galaxies.

Drums are associated with the source of creation. Drum can improve focus, raising energy and stimulating the primary energy center, increase alpha waves in the brain which in turn calms the mind to achieve a meditative state, helps you to connect with your own spirit at a deeper level, and so much more. The experience depends on your emotional allowance and the specific issue (removing blockages/traumas), or simply enjoying the feeling of freedom and happiness that you want to release and focus on. Under safety conditions, you will be guided with my voice, rhythm, sound, and music. Sessions are conceptually designed with different intensities and duration, inspired by natural elements and natural phenomenon.

Every performance/session brings an unrepeatable individual experience.

The sound bath makes two different powerful vibrational drums and ambient contemporary music created especially for each session:

– a handcrafted and tuned Indian shamanic drum 50 cm diameter (made of wood, goat leather, and mineral stone gold pyrite),

– a steel tongue drum Pentasonic+ “Prayāna” (A = 440Hz), and

– a specially composed digital ambient music for VM sessions.

As a composer and musician, I intuitively approach the creation of music for the purpose of guiding and visualizing your journey.


  • Types of intuitive musical instruments that are used and the way how they are perfromed.

  • Performances/sessions can be conceptually designed with different intensities and duration.

  • The use of digital technology tools at events (EEG headset and motion sensors, projection of generative animation).

  • Performances can be held in kindergartens and schools, art institutions, contemporary art galleries and museums, at festivals for sound and new media art.




Explore upcoming events for SOUND BATH MEDITATION & DRAWING MEDITATION sessions for groups.

All classes are open to all levels, beginners and advanced practitioners are equally welcome.

Classes are usually held in English.

• SOUND BATH MEDITATION live and virtual

• MEDITATIVE DRAWING live sessions



Private sessions include a completely customized practice for individuals or small groups. They provide a convenient way to practice both sessions according to individual goals and requirements, schedule, and location and allow for detailed personal attention. Classes are usually held in English.

Classes can be held at your home, your workplace, or in a provided space according to an agreement




Performance and session include a customized practice for art institutions, contemporary art galleries and art museums, new-media festivals, yoga classes, retreats, wellness, and corporate events. Classes are usually held in English.

Sound baths & meditative drawings can help transform the workplace for better and as a strategy to help foster interconnectedness, creativity, and innovation.