meditative drawing

It is based on the act of intuitive drawing of elliptical repeating lines / curves as much as your body allows while focusing your mind on one action and feeling the flow of emotions. You will experience waves of energies and sensations through your entire system. Create your own vibrational sound galaxy.

The act of drawing is a powerful meditation that helps reach out to meta-perception. By letting go of your feelings and focusing on repetitive hand movements, your creative expression comes more naturally. The experience depends on your emotional allowance and on specific issue (removing blockages / traumas), or simply enjoying the feeling of freedom and happiness that you want to release and focuse on. Under safety conditions, you will be guided with my voice, rhythm, sound and music.

Every performance/session brings unrepeatable individual experience.

Shape of drawing appears as a single point attractor and a multiply sourced attractor so called complex or strange attractors based on Jung’s theory of chaos. This meditative drawing practice is the result of my artistic research series (2017- 2020) Meta_Siganl Sonar System, MSSS for short, which reflects my need for the search of the perfect language. The main media that is used in this process is energy/vibration considered as a language without limitation, consciously negating the boundaries of our languages, which naturally represent the limits of our knowledge.


  • The result of real practice – innovative design and approach.

  • Sessions can be conceptually designed with different intensities and duration.

  • The use of digital technology tools (EEG headset and motion sensors, projection of generative animation) at events.

  • Performances can be held in art institutions, contemporary art galleries and museums, at festivals for sound and new media art.


can relieve stress  .  bring the body into balance  .  calm anxiety  .  reduce pain  .  enhance relaxation  .  increase positive frequencies and remove negative energy  .  promote better sleep  .  encourage calm behavior in children  .  help people recover from trauma and illness  .  enhance determination  .  increase creativity  .  evolve emphaty  .  increase self-love and self-care  .  encourage self-will  .  give more clarity  .  can permanently increase happiness  .  improve focus  .  bring awareness and joy  .  increase expression of feelings


Much like the practice of yoga, sound bath meditation and meditative drawing have beneficial effects on the body, mind, and spirit.




Explore upcoming events for SOUND BATH MEDITATION & DRAWING MEDITATION sessions for groups.

All classes are open to all levels, beginners and advanced practitioners are equally welcome.

Classes are usually held in English.

• SOUND BATH MEDITATION live and virtual

• MEDITATIVE DRAWING live sessions



Private sessions include a completely customized practice for individuals or small groups. They provide a convenient way to practice both sessions according to individual goals and requirements, schedule, and location and allow for detailed personal attention. Classes are usually held in English.

Classes can be held at your home, your workplace, or in a provided space according to an agreement




Performance and session include a customized practice for art institutions, contemporary art galleries and art museums, new-media festivals, yoga classes, retreats, wellness, and corporate events. Classes are usually held in English.

Sound baths & meditative drawings can help transform the workplace for better and as a strategy to help foster interconnectedness, creativity, and innovation.